Maths Percentages

Hi guys

On my last post that was what I have been I working on percentages and this is a catalogue I Had made for the past 8 sessions in maths. This is a reflection for overall.

For the past 8 sessions I have been making key catalogue and I think it was hard at the start when I was getting started but by the end I was know what I’m doing. Overall I give me self 81/2/10 rubber chickens.


Later Lauzie

Geelong VS Collingwood

Hi guys,
On Saturday did you watch Geelong vs Collingwood game??? It was a crazy good game!!!! But cats where 1 goal off But everyone played very well. Also Who do you think played well from Collingwood or Geelong?? I could do a graph and put it on my blog next week.
Have to go sorry didn’t have a lot of time tonight but next week I will tell you about St Therese’s book fair!!
Later Lauzie

Mothers Day!

Hi guys,
This post is about my Mother’s Day with my family. We let mum sleep in (like always). I got her a note pad and a car freshner. My brothers Tom and Luke got her a mug and some candles. Also from all of us (dad paying) got mum a massage from Saltair. After 1 1/2 hour drive to Ballarat we went to my grandmas house and, had lunch with them. For lunch we had steak chops, sausages, pototos and delisus salad, that grandma made. After yummy food and orange cake we went homeland got ready for another week of school. Happy Mother’s Day mum!! Thanks for everything.

Later Lauzie 🙂

Student Blogging Challange-2

Hi guys,
For the student blogging challenge we can just write a post about what ever we want and today I have decided to do a bit of a diary type thing.

Dear Diary
Today mum embarrassed me so bad it was awful. She came in with her I love Justin Bieber t-shirt on it was soooo embarrassing even Nathan laughed!!! Any way Amy wasn’t at school today so I had to hang out with Mandy. Ewhh she is so gross but I some how got my self out of there. G2G mum made dinner. It will be awful
From Isabella

Dear Diary,
On facebook there are so many pics of my mum my mum with her Justin Bieber top on!!!!! I can’t go I have to fake sick other wise I’m dead meat. Any way mum will fall for anything.
From Isabella

In real life my mum didn’t do that she is a awesome mum and this post is for her. Thanks Mum for everything!!

Later Lauzie

Challenge 1 – Who am I

The Queen-  How did you feel when you meet Princess Kate?

Alana Blanchard- Where was your best wave and why?

Michael Jackson- Why did you call your son Blanket?

Kelly Slater-  Why do you surf and why?

Sophia-Grace and Rosie- How do you feel when you get all this support from your friends family and FANS????!!!!!

Ned Kelly- Why did you wear that armor?

Ellen- What is your most funnest moment on your show and why?

P!NK- What was your best moment on tour in Australia?

Ketut (from the adds)- Do you really love Ronda?

One Direction- What is your fav song and music video and, why?


Jeannie Baker

Glitter Text @

Jeannie Barker is an Artist, Author and a ,Film Marker. She has written ,13 books and 2 short films. Her focus is the Enviroment. In 1975 she moved to Austrlia from England.
I like her books because… she has a great way of her, collages and how her focus is Enviroment she really, shows it in her books.

Name: Jeannie Baker
DOB: 2-11-1950
Gender: Female
Writing from: 1975 onwards

Gr 6 Camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys,

Tomorrow all the Gr 6’s are going to Melbourne!!!!!! First we meet everyone at the Marshall Train Station and leave the train station at 9.04 am to go to Melbourne. First we walk from Southern cross station to our hotel to put our bags there and go to MASC center for 2 hours in the wipe out pool. After that we go out for dinner in China town after that we go Ice skating. That’s day 1 wait till day 2!!!!!!!

Day 2: First we go to the zoo and have a look around with our Group teacher ( my group teacher is Mr Hinson and i have all of my besties in my group). After  that we go to the Museum and have a look around. That night for dinner we go to the 3 crown Hotel and im having a chicken Parmy. After dinner we are going to Eidhad for a private tour and we are doing a amazing race in Eidhad.

Day 3: Today we are having a Scavenging Hunt around Melbourne. After we are going to the Queen Victoria Market!!!! Later we go back on the train home to our familys.

Cant wait I will update you when i get home!!!!!!!

Later Lauzie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Homework Maths make your meal

Hi guys,
for homework (maths) we had to make our own meal then add up the prices. For dinner we had Pizza and homemade cold-rock!!!!!!

Pizza ……. Tomato cooking sauce $1.99 , Cheese Mozzarella $7.60 , Ham $3.40 , Pineapple chunks $1.20   , Pizza base $1.20 …………..

Cold-rock ……… Ice cream Vanilla $4.30 , Oreo Biscuits $1.80 , Choc Honeycomb $2.75 .

All together  $24.24


Lauzie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

100 Word Challenge / …the car stopped suddenly…

I’m having the time of my life nothing could stop me. But this competition is crazy I’m the only girl I have to show them. Sorry I didn’t tell you who I am i’m Ashley. My dad is a professaianl race car driver and I want to. But boys only can race… So that’s why I’m going to change that. I get in the car the boy next to me said ” bring it ” ok now it’s on.GO! I’m falling behind I have got to come back. Step on it girl I said to my the car stopped suddenly……

To be continued…..