Chain Story

Hi guys,
at school last term we did Chain storys and, this is my chain story enjoy.
P.S the boys mest it UP!!!!!

Once upon a time there was 3 little bears. They where called Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and, Pebbles. When they where walk thourgh the woods they saw HONEY!!!

They were so happy because they were so hugrey so then they started in the bush…

it was a monster Boo Boo started pating it “see he is nice” said Boo Boo then it bit Boo Boo’s Hand. Boo Boo screamed with pain.

Yogi Bear thought it was perfect time to to use his Monster Destrher 3000! Which was more of a Canepolt.”Boo Boo lode up the Monster Desther 3000 with Pebbles.

Pebbles asked one more time is it ok to put bears in the Canepolt? Yogi said “it was fine” and fired pebbles pebbles right to the monster Yogi’s eye wided to see pebbles get eaten.

By the Monster! Boo Boo tryed to save her but Boo Boo got eaten. So Yogi went home and, watch the cricket and had a beer, then blew up him self with a suicde Bom.

Then 10 beans took over their house and also found honey and they all dided of the monster but one suvied but he killed him self because he had know friends.

Then Pebbles Yogi Bear and, Boo Boo rose from the dead and went to the house and saw Sunny, so Sunny and Boo Boo became friends.

While Yogi Bear and, Pebbles got married and Yogi said” I’m Cuter than a average Bear!”

2 thoughts on “Chain Story

  1. Hi Laura,
    Did you enjoy doing the chain story? What worked well? What didn’t work well? Is it a good way to write a Narrative?
    Miss Mahon

    • it was very fun to see what people like to do to change storys or keep it like it is. Yes it is a great way to wright a narrative. 🙂

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