Blogging Challenge

One day there was a river The River Of Doom. That is what the locals called it, and this is the story…. Once there was a a girl called Ella she loved to Canoing and she went to the river every day. So just on a normal Saturday she took her Canoe out to the river. She was going nice and slow until… “ahhh!!!!!!” It was just a Kangaroo. There was a ant climbing up her arm it was nice she was enjoyed it. It was geting darker and, darker but it was alone lunch time “I’m coming to get you, I’m getting Closer” Ella didn’t know what to do. She tryed to get out but she couldn’t she was slowly going down a worl pool she lost the canoe. By the time the Lifeboat caming she was gone. So the life boat went down they saw Monstrosity Monster. They where taken in too. Thats the story of  The River Of  Doom, and who ever goes in never come out but know Ella the ghost Haunts the river it was beautiful until that day now no one goes down only her parents do but they are living ghosts!!!

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