Writing Workshop

Hi guys,
At school we had a Writing Workshop. What we had to do was choose a photo (that Mrs Mahan had) and, Descript it. This what I did…

I can feel the beautiful white sand between my toes as I step into the crystal clear water its smooth on my skin. I can hear the beating of the Sea Gals wings. As my hair flaps behind me when I dive into the water. After I can taste the saltness my mouth. What a Beautiful place.

And we also did a Description on a Character from a book or you could relate it to a friend or make up on and, this is my Character.
Profile- Name: Sky
Age: 11
DOB: 23/02/01
Appearance- Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Olive skin and, a little bit of freckles.
Hobbies- Horse Riding and Crystal Collecting.
Personality- Out there, Adventures, and, Dertmined person.
Mannerism- Very well Behavir, very funny and can stand up for her self.
Later Lauzie 🙂
P.S This is not the same as the real but the are close looking.

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