BTN-Donar Dogs

Hi Guys,
This is a BTN on Donor Dogs. Its about Dogs Donarting blood to other dogs.

•What was the news report about? It was about dogs Donarting Blood to other dos that are sick.

•Take one side of the argument and give your point of view. Give reasons why you agree or disagree. I agree with the reason that its good for dogs to Donart blood beause… Its like humans they may need more blood if there sick or in the dogs side if they get posin they may need more blood.

•What did it make you wonder? How would it feel if you were a dog and, you had to Donart Blood? What type of Bloods are dogs?

•Do you have any questions? If you are a docter and, is it hard for you to get the dog down and calm?

•What emotions did the news report make you feel? Sorry for the dog thats needs blood because that means the dog id sick.

•Can you make a connection with something that has happened in your life? When I in grade 3 i ahd to get more blood because I fell over and need stiches in my mouth so i lost a lot of blood and, had to get my stiches out on christmas eve

Later Lauzie

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