Challenge 1 – Who am I

The Queen-  How did you feel when you meet Princess Kate?

Alana Blanchard- Where was your best wave and why?

Michael Jackson- Why did you call your son Blanket?

Kelly Slater-  Why do you surf and why?

Sophia-Grace and Rosie- How do you feel when you get all this support from your friends family and FANS????!!!!!

Ned Kelly- Why did you wear that armor?

Ellen- What is your most funnest moment on your show and why?

P!NK- What was your best moment on tour in Australia?

Ketut (from the adds)- Do you really love Ronda?

One Direction- What is your fav song and music video and, why?


3 thoughts on “Challenge 1 – Who am I

  1. LAUZIE,
    Nice blog the backround is really cool and good questions, but I was wondering Do you think katut maybe is actually dating Rhonda?

    Later Bro xx

  2. hi laura i am really enjoying your blog i read the who am i and really enjoyed it just one question how do you come up with such creative words?. from ella.j

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