Student Blogging Challange-2

Hi guys,
For the student blogging challenge we can just write a post about what ever we want and today I have decided to do a bit of a diary type thing.

Dear Diary
Today mum embarrassed me so bad it was awful. She came in with her I love Justin Bieber t-shirt on it was soooo embarrassing even Nathan laughed!!! Any way Amy wasn’t at school today so I had to hang out with Mandy. Ewhh she is so gross but I some how got my self out of there. G2G mum made dinner. It will be awful
From Isabella

Dear Diary,
On facebook there are so many pics of my mum my mum with her Justin Bieber top on!!!!! I can’t go I have to fake sick other wise I’m dead meat. Any way mum will fall for anything.
From Isabella

In real life my mum didn’t do that she is a awesome mum and this post is for her. Thanks Mum for everything!!

Later Lauzie

3 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challange-2

  1. Hey Laura at first i thought you were talking about yourself I am like “What the!” ha ha. I like how you made up people and made an embarrassment for Isabella to complain about! It reminds me of the time Ella loved Justin Bieber. What were you thinking to come up with a story like that, its great!

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