Geelong VS Collingwood

Hi guys,
On Saturday did you watch Geelong vs Collingwood game??? It was a crazy good game!!!! But cats where 1 goal off But everyone played very well. Also Who do you think played well from Collingwood or Geelong?? I could do a graph and put it on my blog next week.
Have to go sorry didn’t have a lot of time tonight but next week I will tell you about St Therese’s book fair!!
Later Lauzie

3 thoughts on “Geelong VS Collingwood

  1. Hi Laura,

    I’d love to see a graph on here. It’s a shame Collingwood won! How did the Book Fair go?

    Mrs Todd

  2. Hi Laura,
    I think it’s really great that you are going to put a graph on your blog from peoples ideas and I might use that idea if its alright with you.
    I know that there was a lot of people who went to the footy that night to watch the game and I think it’s great that Geelong and Collingwood have heaps of great fans to support them. This reminds me of when I was watching that game and I was sitting on the edge of my seat because the game was so close!
    A question I have for you is who do you think played well in the game?
    I hope you have heaps of more great ideas to put on your blog posts and I think Motlop played alright in the cats that night.

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