Big Idea – Term 3

Hi guys,
you know at school we do ths thing called BIG IDEA. Well this term our main topic is THE OLYMPICS!!! Then we have three sub titles are Econmies, History and, Geography. We had five rotations which were…

1. Olympic History – We watched a video on the ancihnt Olypmics with all the sports.
2. British and Eurpoean History – We watched a Horiable Historys viedo about the Great and the plage and, lots more.
3. Australian History –  We went on a web site and showed all about the Major things that happened in Australia
4. Economics – We watch a prezi that our teacher made and watch some videos and, Celabrations. 
5. Geography- We would wright all the places we know taht have had the olypimacs and, wright there Major Landmarks.

 Econmies is like maths and, pricing.

History is when we have to have som sort of fun imfomation or somthing. Then

Geography is maping. Also my tasks are…

 Econmies I will choose a althete (which is Lizze Cambage) and, wright all the costs of the plane tickets and all that but put it in a journal like Day 1…

History I will make big cardboard medels and, choose a gold medelest and, wright about them.

Geography I am drawing a map of the Olypimic staduim and wright down some imfomation about it. So far so good and, I have nearly finshed my Geography!!  At teh monement we are in week three and, our Expo os in week 9! 6 weeks to go.
Later Lauzie

Hi guys,

I am going to give you a update on what I have done. I have finshed everything so now I am doing a story I wrote in Litceracy. It is about a girl called Ashley and see gets to go to the Olypimacs. See trains hard and wins then has a bad fall but in the end wins for Austarlia. Now all I have to do is finsh the pictures and make some other things that bit better. The On tuesday the 11th of September not long:) Wish me luck.

Later Lauzie


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