Big Idea

For the last 14 weeks the 5/6 have been learning about the Mind,Body and, Soul. Not long ago we did lots of workshops on the topic. In the Mind workshops I loved the meditation. It was soo calming. In the Body workshops I liked In The Zone. In The Zone was meditation for our bodies. In the Soul workshops I loved Musical Vibe. We listen to 1800’s music and, 1900’s. It was awesome and, so were the other workshops.

For the rest of the term I am going to be using my interest of Music History and singing to link in with our topic of Mind, Body and, Soul and, complete 2 tasks that I have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated Tasks 1:
For my negotiated task I am going to do a video of me singing (like a music video) and a prezi. A prezi is a slide show but you can put videos on it. I am also going to make a poster.

Negotiated Tasks 2:
I am also going to interview my dads good friend who is a singer and, I am going to get the top 10 songs in Australia and America and, get people to vote (on the expo day) out of them and see which one is the best.

Mind, Body and, Soul

The thing i like the mostin my big idea was my music video! It wa so
much fu because i was doing to with my friends and we made it up our selfs. But unfortunately its not going on my blog so you cant see it. 🙁 I will always remember how much work and efet i put in to it. I am most proud of how much work i do and, never giving up. I got a lot better at be by my self and, not talking to my friends because FYI I am very social! I would have liked to try have got my big idea done before hand then just before the expo. I need to improve on not being with my friends so much in this terms big idea and, it is going to be… OLYMPICS!!!

I still wonder what would happen if I dont finsh? I was suprised that I did finsh! The most important thing i have learnt is to not just go hey i cant do this a try if you dont do well hey you tryed not not try. I can now do my big idea and, know that it does not look like dog poo! LOL! I wish i had made my presenation that bit better. Thanks for reading.
Later Lauzie

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