ME- All about Laura A.K.A Lauzie

Hi Guys,
Did I tell u that I love surfing. Oh have I had accidents I got a black eye when I was surfing. I still have a bruise and, has be 6 weeks!! Do any of u like tomatoes? I don’t! Also I love… NICKI MINJA!!(: (: <3 <3! Look at this awesome pic!!

This is my crazy family My Dad is the techeacly manger for Geelong footy club mum is a nurse my little brother Tom is a footy freak and Luke my anther little brother is just… different!!

That was us at a river we were swimming in it!! It was awesome but there was a log and, my bathes nearly got court. Eck!! Look at my crazy bro at my grandmas pool! guys later

Later Lauzie

5 thoughts on “ME- All about Laura A.K.A Lauzie

  1. Do not worry Laura I hate tomatoes to and I didn’t know that you loved Nicki Minaj but anyway she is awesome .

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