Music Is Here!! :)

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Hi guys sorry i ahve not up dated this but these are some more songs…..


Hi Guys, I am starting a new page called Music Is Here!! It will have music videos and, you guys can comment and, tell me what you think. I am going to put up 21st Century Girl By Willow Smith. I think this video is AWESOME because shes only 12 and, shes doing music videos I really like this. Enjoy!! 🙂

Now I am going to do One Direction’s Wonderwall! This is a great song that they are singing so i think you should see it also girls that love

Ok guys thats all I have today Enjoy!! 🙂
Later Lauzie

Hi Guys,
This is Brokenhearted By Karmin. I love this video because its not what most people would do because its pretty basic in a Good way. Enjoy!!!! Thats all I have 🙁
Later Lauzie

Hi Guys,
this is a parody of call me maybe by MattyBRaps & Cimorelli. this guys are so funny so enjoy!

This a video from Step up 4 Maiman Heat. Just teh other day I went to see it. If you love dancing drama and, Romantic movies then this is the movies for this is just a bit of it. Enjoy 🙂 Thats all I have so C ya
Later Lauzie 🙂

Hi guys,

This is  Taylor swifts new Song, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I love this song and the clip because its different because its has the animals and shows every thing. Also its also good because this does happen in peoples life.
Later Lauzie

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