Suirfing – Picture Trail

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Hi guys,
this is my picture trail when we went SURFING!!!!!!

BTN – Super Trawler

Hi guys,
Watch this video about the Suer Trawler.

What was the news report about? It was about a big ship about 1/2 the size of the Titanic and its cathes fish. Lot s of fish.

Give your point of view on this issue. Well the ship can cath 250 tonnes of fish but I dont see a issue with th Super Trawler.

What did it make you wonder? If the work men work at night? How mach the workers get payed?

Do you have any questions? Not really.

What emotions did the news report make you feel? I felt good because more fish and I love Fish.

Can you make a connection with something that has happened in your life? Well it didnt really because I only found out about it 2 days ago. But it has because now i know that the Goverment is waiting a year then it may come back.

Later Lauzie 🙂


Hi guys,

Its FINALLY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next term we can where our dresses and, its going to be spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the bad thing is i have one week of school then Monday then the next day I’m going to BALI!!!!!! On my Bali time page i will update so check it out on the 16th to the 30th of October.  Will we have 2 weeks of Holidays and I can RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later Lauzie 🙂


BTN-Donar Dogs

Hi Guys,
This is a BTN on Donor Dogs. Its about Dogs Donarting blood to other dogs.

•What was the news report about? It was about dogs Donarting Blood to other dos that are sick.

•Take one side of the argument and give your point of view. Give reasons why you agree or disagree. I agree with the reason that its good for dogs to Donart blood beause… Its like humans they may need more blood if there sick or in the dogs side if they get posin they may need more blood.

•What did it make you wonder? How would it feel if you were a dog and, you had to Donart Blood? What type of Bloods are dogs?

•Do you have any questions? If you are a docter and, is it hard for you to get the dog down and calm?

•What emotions did the news report make you feel? Sorry for the dog thats needs blood because that means the dog id sick.

•Can you make a connection with something that has happened in your life? When I in grade 3 i ahd to get more blood because I fell over and need stiches in my mouth so i lost a lot of blood and, had to get my stiches out on christmas eve

Later Lauzie

Writing Workshop

Hi guys,
At school we had a Writing Workshop. What we had to do was choose a photo (that Mrs Mahan had) and, Descript it. This what I did…

I can feel the beautiful white sand between my toes as I step into the crystal clear water its smooth on my skin. I can hear the beating of the Sea Gals wings. As my hair flaps behind me when I dive into the water. After I can taste the saltness my mouth. What a Beautiful place.

And we also did a Description on a Character from a book or you could relate it to a friend or make up on and, this is my Character.
Profile- Name: Sky
Age: 11
DOB: 23/02/01
Appearance- Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Olive skin and, a little bit of freckles.
Hobbies- Horse Riding and Crystal Collecting.
Personality- Out there, Adventures, and, Dertmined person.
Mannerism- Very well Behavir, very funny and can stand up for her self.
Later Lauzie 🙂
P.S This is not the same as the real but the are close looking.

Blogging Challenge

One day there was a river The River Of Doom. That is what the locals called it, and this is the story…. Once there was a a girl called Ella she loved to Canoing and she went to the river every day. So just on a normal Saturday she took her Canoe out to the river. She was going nice and slow until… “ahhh!!!!!!” It was just a Kangaroo. There was a ant climbing up her arm it was nice she was enjoyed it. It was geting darker and, darker but it was alone lunch time “I’m coming to get you, I’m getting Closer” Ella didn’t know what to do. She tryed to get out but she couldn’t she was slowly going down a worl pool she lost the canoe. By the time the Lifeboat caming she was gone. So the life boat went down they saw Monstrosity Monster. They where taken in too. Thats the story of  The River Of  Doom, and who ever goes in never come out but know Ella the ghost Haunts the river it was beautiful until that day now no one goes down only her parents do but they are living ghosts!!!

BTN – Rhino Trade

Hi guys,
this video is crazy I don’t know how people think killing rhinos is ok!! :0 Plus just cutting them is ok but thats there defents and, there way of being different. But they are a Indagered animal and, Im sure that if your a docoter of scentiets you would have enough money because they get payed alot of $$$$’s so. But its your opinain so comment and say what you think
Later Lauzie