Chain Story

Hi guys,
at school last term we did Chain storys and, this is my chain story enjoy.
P.S the boys mest it UP!!!!!

Once upon a time there was 3 little bears. They where called Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and, Pebbles. When they where walk thourgh the woods they saw HONEY!!!

They were so happy because they were so hugrey so then they started in the bush…

it was a monster Boo Boo started pating it “see he is nice” said Boo Boo then it bit Boo Boo’s Hand. Boo Boo screamed with pain.

Yogi Bear thought it was perfect time to to use his Monster Destrher 3000! Which was more of a Canepolt.”Boo Boo lode up the Monster Desther 3000 with Pebbles.

Pebbles asked one more time is it ok to put bears in the Canepolt? Yogi said “it was fine” and fired pebbles pebbles right to the monster Yogi’s eye wided to see pebbles get eaten.

By the Monster! Boo Boo tryed to save her but Boo Boo got eaten. So Yogi went home and, watch the cricket and had a beer, then blew up him self with a suicde Bom.

Then 10 beans took over their house and also found honey and they all dided of the monster but one suvied but he killed him self because he had know friends.

Then Pebbles Yogi Bear and, Boo Boo rose from the dead and went to the house and saw Sunny, so Sunny and Boo Boo became friends.

While Yogi Bear and, Pebbles got married and Yogi said” I’m Cuter than a average Bear!”

100 WC – The nosie was terrifing but…

“crrrrek” I was asleep in my bed room the nosie was terrifing but its 3.21 am. I didn’t know what it was I got up to see I just saw blacknest. I run back to bed and tryed to get back to sleep. Its 3.27 am. I went into mum and dad but they wheren’t there all there was was a drop of blood. So I went in to my brothers. It was the same. “ahhh” I was flabbergasted. I saw them like mummies and, a guy in a top hat with all black. “AHHH!!” I run. The sun was up they slowly turned to dust. What Happed?


Lizzie Cambage

Hi guys,
For my homework I have to choose a Olympic athlete and write about them in your blog. So I choose Lizzie Cambage she is a whooping 2.03 mertres tall. When she was young she was bullied by her height. But the bully’s proble would not feel silly because know look at her she was tipped to be the best basketball player (along side Lauren Jackson). She also not long ago at the Olypimics she did a goal from the half way mark and, got a dunk!! GO LIZZIE!!! But in the end she didn’t win. 🙁 Also when was little she wanted to be a vet. Also she started basketball when she was 10 years old. Now she is the best of the best. Also if u want to know more imfo go to abc Btn page the try find the next big thing.
Later Lauzie 🙂

School Camp!!

Glitter Text @
Hi guys,
I have some great news ia m going on… SCHOOL CAMP!!!! It is going to be awesome because we are going to camp Winkin in Anglesea. There is a thing called the leap of fath and you just jump from a really high level but you are in a hanes and you take the leap of fath!! I really hope i am with my friends in my caben. Plus one of the teachers that are taking us (Mr Hindson) He is going to tell us scary storys about Willy Winkin which is the ghost of camp Winkin. Plus Caben 12 is Hauted (thats what the year sixs tolled us). I hope i dont have that caben. Later Lauize


Glitter Text @

< Hi Guys, as you know i went to the show Annie! It was awesome!!!!!! Plus there was know boys! But the the show was amazing!! I'm sure that most of you have seen the movie. I f you haven't its when a little girl(annie) nis in a girls only home and, she has no parents ): Then a billion what her for 2 weeks. Then a lot of bad things happen from then. But it was beautiful. But if wanted to go to the toilet you will be waiting for at lest 15 mins!! Try hold it! LOL ROFL!!! (: Hope you guys watch the movie. Later Lauzie

School Hoildays!!!!

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Hi Dudes,
I cant believe that it is… SCHOOL HOILDAYS!!!!! CHA CHING$$$$ Plus in two weeks i am going to Bibi Park. Bibi park is a camp site and, i am going with my friends. The only bad thing is that it is Winter which means it will be freezing!!! But lots of clothes then!! LOL!! ROFL!!!!

Also I am going to see ANNIE!!! I am going with my Grandma. It is a awesome movie so it should be a awesome show!! Also i am staying with my grandma for 3 nights.

Tomorrow night my best friend Kate is coming over for a sleepover. it is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! (: (: (: (: (: (: (:
Later Lauzie

The Comeback

It was a normal day until the post man came and, gave me a letter. I opened the letter it said Dear Ashely Congratulations you are going to the London Olympics Games I sreamed “AHHHH” I was so exited to go, I started packing stright away I rang all of my friends and, went stright to the gym to tell my Coacher and Practicer.

” I know that is going to be hard but you can win” So she went to the race course to Practise. That Night ashely booked to tickets to London . That Morning I started Packing. Once I had finish I went stright to the cpurse and, trained for 5 hours stright.

By the time you knew it it was time to go to London. I was so scared at the airport. When i was on the plane it took a long 12 hours. I really wanted to get out and, train. When i was there a whole lot of people came and took photos of me. Every one was saying”go away” “smile” But finally secrity came a took them out of first class.

Finally I got to London! ” let me take your bags my lady” replied a very nice english man. In a flash i was at my 5 star hotel. I quickly unpacked my colthes then went to the corse to train. But my driver dont know were to go.

When I finally got there I saw my friend Alana from America.” hey” i said ” oh my goes is that you Ashley?” we gave each other a huge hug until “theres the girl I am going to smash” said my arrial Emma ” Lets do the corse do the talking” What ever” rrplied emma in a toned vocie.

The next day was race day I was so exited but scared about emma but, i dont let it get to me to much. Finally it was time to go to The Athletics Staduim. When I got there every one was cheering to emma until they saw me. It was 45 mins until my race I am pumped.

Finally it was time to get on the corse and, Race! Ready set Boom!! The gun went emma was in front anlana was coming I knew what I had to do 20 metres to go I speed aheadand I come first the crowd goes wild “go aussies go aussie go ashley!” “WHOOO!” I cant belive it i fall to the ground in exitment ” I WON!!” I shouted

I was shocked my coach was proud i also got i millon text messages from my family and, friends. That night my coacher took me out for dinner ” i am so proud ” justine said very plisted “I have a suprise for you…” MUM” i SHOUTED aSHLEY WAS SO EXITED TO SEE HER MUM IN LONDON.”HELP!!”

The next day was race day i was much scareder then the first race. Ready set Boom!! the gun went I am first i get wabbaly in my legs i go faster< "ahh!" "help!!" Dint dint dint dint i was in hosprial i brock my leg."why know" i said to my sef in a dep sleep> I need to wake up “help”. “Ahh” ” its ok ashley im here” my mum said ” please let me go and make my leg storng” Please” i said very sad and determand. You will get there soon just realx.

2 days later i started training “ahh it hurts” I said in pain ” do you want to get back out there” justine said “yes” then keep going. Race day ready set boom the gun went i was last come on ashley you can do it i said to my self 50 me to go i speed ahead yes i won!! Go ahely. Ashley Mcdonald wins gold overall The end

Movie Maddess/ Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

Comparing Charaters
Hank is always got a plan and, wants to be the best! Hank also takes great care in his family and friends.

Sean always wants to get done what he start. Sean also loves the ladys!! LOL!! ROFL!!

Kaliani makes sure that her dad is not geting in to a big twist.
Kaliani also never belives anything until she sees it.

Character Interview
I would Choose Kaliani
1. Did you enjoy doing the movie?
2. How long did it take to do the movie?
3. If you could do the movie again would you change any of the movements or talking?
4. Did you like your co-stars?
5. Why did you want to do this movie?

Hits and Misses
Enjoyed:  How much exited there was in it. How they never seem to look not like they were acting. How the animals where big and, big was small.
Dislikes: Some times there was all to much going on. Hank didn’t let sean go do some sort of dangerours things. How the mum was not in it was much as everyone else.

Critic Corner 
In the movie sean gets a code that is from his Grandfather then they find the island. So they have to go to Palarw and, meet some crazy pepole. When they get there they are on a beach and, before you know it they have made it!! I give it a 9/10 Popcorn Boxs.

Mrs Rayson’s 112 Word Challenge

Horror!!” Everyone was looking at me across the water my house was in nthe middle of the Bay!! How would I get over the 20 metres deep water? I started smiling to my self I had a plan. I had some wood up stairs I could make a raft to get over. 1 hour later I made a raft but did it hold me? “here goes nothing” I said in fear. “YES!!” Everyone was cheering, “whooo” That day on woulds I always went on the brown wooden raft to work.

100 Word Challange/ the nosie was terrifying but

It was a dark and gloomy night the wind was blowing the crows where screaching.”we should get you of here” replied a scared and terrifed girl. “wait!” the other girl shouted “there is a house.” So the girls went in but they did not know what was in the house.”COME TO ME COME TO ME” they heird a creepy voice the nosie was terrifying but they keep going. BOO!! “AHH” they girls scarmed. ” COME TO ME COME TO ME” said the creepy vocie they didnt see what was there “RUN!!!” they shouted ” I got you” “HELP!!!!” The girls where never seen again or were they.

Molly Year 5 Braishfield
Hi Molly,
Great story! Overall at the end when she faced her fear she did it. You are a GREAT story teller I hope you do the next 100 word challange.

Katie year 2 Brunswick house
Hi Katie,
Great story! I cant belive you are in grade 2 and, you have a blog and, make awesome storys. Also I love the monkey with the map up side down!!